Sunday, February 10, 2008

Classical TRIZ education and Classical ARIZ

What is TRIZ education and why it is so different form traditional education?
What role play ARIZ in the TRIZ education Process?
What is behid text of ARIZ? And some other aspect of growing competence in Classical TRIZ in mailing list: TRIZ topica:

Here you can subscribe for mailing list of worldwide TRIZ community. Feree of spam. Posts appear not so often but last two years more and more interesting. Useful discussion on various TRIZ and Innovation related topics…
Could be interesting for TRIZ beginners but not only…


Prakasan K said...

Dear Nikolai,
Welcome to the blog world. I'm excited to hear your views and stories about TRIZ. I believe the openness in sharing our knowledge will make TRIZ proliferating further.

I have my blog at Do visit and give me your views (correct my views as well)

Prakasan (Prakash)

Ellen Domb said...

Hello, Nikolai and friends:
I am very glad to see this new blog, partly because I always enjoy your writing and your generosity with telling people what you know, and how you learned it, and partly because I was recently asked about application of TRIZ to sustainable engineering (in the sense of "green" engineering) and did not have many resources.

Can you tell me where to find information on sustainable engineering? My initial personal reaction is that there is no separate discipline of sustainable engineering, but the requirements of "greeness" create some interesting contradictions and inventive problems.

Jacob Skir said...

congratulations and best wishes on your new blog!
Just one advise: while writing, use the Spell checker.

Nikolai said...

Dear Parkasan
Thank you for your kind words.
As soon as you are interested in TRIZ for MBA may be it will be useful for you to know on our educational program Advanced Master of Innovative design (AMID).
At INSA Strasbourg:

But this is for Life Long education. The course certified by the Conference des Grand Ecoles., - The only one in the world that has this accreditation from International association of old Universities. See details posted on the link.
Our students are top level professionals from various organizations, managers and owners of their private business.

Nikolai said...

Dear Ellen,
Sustainable Engineering is a part of Sustainable innovation. Both of them is well known in the world. In Toronto I am a member of the Group on Sustainable Engineering. Classical TRIZ and OTSM could work for Sustainability as a Green as well. We have done already several project about Sustainable development..

However if you will look for Sustainable Innovation you can find something on just engineering as well. Now I am in my home in Canada and several books I have on the subject are in my European office. If you remind me in the end of May I will send you correct reference to them.
Sustainable innovation now has lot of interpretations. For many people it is mostly Green. But we will talk not only on Green but efficient innovation. Company is looking for temporary monopoly to be efficient in their business. Various organizations look for stable innovation to be efficient in fulfilling their functions.
Of cause Sustainable Innovation is about Green as well but mostly it is about large domain that included many aspects of Corporate Culture of organizations to help them survive in the world of rapid changes.
OTSM has for this purpose a powerful toolbox that complementary to instruments based on Classical TRIZ and many other instruments using by managers and professionals of various kinds.. OTSM toolbox is also useful for solving some engineering problems. But….
In frame of OTSM, as you know, we switch to a new paradigm: From Problem solving to Problem Management. OTSM dedicated to manage flow of problems of an organization and privet person as well. In this case we consider sustainability as a repeated and efficient chain of innovation instead of solving some separate problems as soon as these problems appear.
One more point is about Knowledge processing. OTSM Instruments could be useful for second generation of Knowledge management. First generation was about sharing information and knowledge and has a lot of problem that could be solved by integration of KM with OTSM. About second Generation of KM system I have also wonderful book in my European office.

Nikolai said...

Dear Jacob,
I am happy to hear from you. It was so long ago we lost our contact. Thank you for your advice. :-)
As you know me so long ago I have a problem with spelling in any languages. Sometimes spellchecker could help me... ;-)

I will glad to hear more about you in private letter.