Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Key Question to be answered by Classical TRIZ

Once I've seen list of 300 of creativity methods and it was not complete. Many people belive that the more methods you know the better... Should we learn all of those 300 methods and do the same?
What for?
How long it will take and how much will be the cost?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My First infection with TRIZ and OTSM

I was infected by TRIZ when it was converted from Algorithm to a Applied Scientific Theory for creating tools (instruments?) for solving non typical problems. It was 1979, book that original title was proposed by Genrich Altshuller - Exact Science Instead Of Creativity. Publisher was afraid of this challenged title and replace it by less challenged - Creativity As An Exact Science... I was electronical engineer and book was full of mechanical examples.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Book on OTSM-TRIZ for kids

One of many books of Tatiana now available in English: Thoughtivity for kids.


At YouTube you can find video of Tatiana and her colleagues who work with kids using her OTSM-TRIZ pedagogical assignments and mental exercises.

More detail on on Trainers of OTSM-TRIZ for kids Training in Jurmala next year

Those people who are interested in using OTSM-TRIZ for developing thinking skills in kids can attend the training by Tatiana Sidorchuk and Alla Nesterenko:
Creativity and Key Competences of Children Aged 3-10 through OTSM-TRIZ


EU citizen have chance to obtain grant from EU to attend the training. See the link for detail.
About trainers: