Friday, September 11, 2009

More detail on on Trainers of OTSM-TRIZ for kids Training in Jurmala next year

Those people who are interested in using OTSM-TRIZ for developing thinking skills in kids can attend the training by Tatiana Sidorchuk and Alla Nesterenko:
Creativity and Key Competences of Children Aged 3-10 through OTSM-TRIZ

EU citizen have chance to obtain grant from EU to attend the training. See the link for detail.
About trainers:

Alla Nesterenko Ph.D. TRIZ expert that conducted long term experiments with the same group of kids during 10 years. She leaded them through Elementary, Middle and High schools till graduation. She has used her own techniques and educational program se develop with her colleagues for several subjects: Math, Biology, Informational technology, Russian language and Literature, Physics. She was invited by Altshuller Institute as Key Note for TRIZCON 2007.
Tatiana Sidorchuk Ph.D. has lot of pilot places around Russia and conducted many experiments about using OTSM and Classical TRIZ. These experiments resulted in special educational program for kindergarten and for pedagogical colleges. Ministry of Education of Russia recommends the program to the pedagogical colleges of Russian Federation and awards her with medal of Yanush Korchak – the top award for Russian teachers. Tatiana was invited by Altshuller Institute as a keynote speaker for TRIZCON 2006.
Last years Tatiana and Alla cooperate to integrate their approaches for preschool and elementary school education to unified system. In one of Russian city 33 of 38 kindergartens use educational program for kids developed by Tatiana and 4 elementary schools of the city use integrated approach they developed with Alla.
There are ready to share they experience and knowledge with enthusiastic people who are interested in application OTSM-TRIZ for kids education.

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