Friday, July 9, 2010

Application of OTSM NofP for sustainable innovation: from zero to the market place

Here it is just one example of OTSM Network of problems application in combination with many others OTSM-TRIZ based tools. The product is on the market now. it was created by on of my students of Advanced Master in Innovative Design (include more than 300 hours of OTSM-TRIZ study). The new product have several revolutionary solutions and open new horizon for the product development based on OTSM Network of Problems (NofP). As you can see those 300 hours of study pay back much morte than one day training for 40 principles. It seems very simple now. As they say in UK - it is easy if you know how....
However it was not so easy to overcome mental inertia of colleags inorder to repose problems in unusual way and find a simple solutions. OTSM Network of Problems was helpful to overcome resistance of bosses and colleagues. You can read more about resitance to really innovative ideas in the first posts of this blog.

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