Thursday, February 18, 2010

Could innovation become a culture through all ranks of an organization?

The main tool of Classical TRIZ and its theoretical background can be seen as a powerful platform for integration many other methodologies into unified system. Why?
When people often use ARIZ and familiar with original Altshuller's Philosophy of Classical TRIZ they obtain certain culture of thinking that can be used in many ways in various improvement and innovation methodologies. Two generations of OTSM
which are further development of the Classical TRIZ provide users with even more advanced tools for managing complex interdisciplinary problematic situations. OTSM was develop under Altshuller Supervision and from the very beginning it was done the way to allow simple integration of OTSM with many other methods and tools as well as integration all main tools of Classical TRIZ into unified system of thinking.
OTSM based tools can be used for the domain of Classical TRIZ application and far beyond its application. In many cases we can Implement OTSM Network of Problems technique in order to transform fuzzy initial situation into clear description of the problem situation that can be used in many ways during managing various project. For example developing complex software project. Improving powerplant or stoves you use in your cottage in the deep forest. Developing methodology for region planning and developing new  very innovative product  that was not changed for dozens of years because set of mental streotipes and luck of imagination. Why it can be doen? Becase of OTSM tools are domain free and dedicated for knowedge processing. It is a kind of Meta Knowledge on how use available knowlegebetter effectively. The tools  stimulate both human brain hemisphears.

OTSM has its own theoretical background and toolbox.
Of cause it is based on Classical TRIZ. However some advancements  were done in Classical TRIZ Philosophy. As a result OTSM-TRIZ thinking process can be viewed as a background for corporate culture oriented to continues innovation and improvements as well. This way of thinking can be seen either as a language for discussion on complicated and complex situations. Some more information about OTSM, its Theoretical Background and practical tools can be downloaded from my LINKEDIN profile and website:

Innovation can become a culture through all ranks of an organization if we use appropriate culture of permanent innovative thinking and improvement. OTSM was developed for this purposes.

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