Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Strategy must seems unrealistic and not good for implementation.

If we always do just something that seems real from the beginning then we will always will stay in the red ocean and repeat the same things  that all our competitors do. The art of strategy is the art to develop strategy that seems unrealistic for most competitors 
 but we have to be able to solve problems of implementation in order to transform something that seems unrealistic into well implemented realistic things. That is the point! In highly competitive world we have to do something that all other consider not realistic... This is the key point of innovative strategy. Otherwise you are predictable by customers and they can easy bypass your company...
Good Strategy must seems unrealistic and not good for implementation!

It is necessary in order to jump to a blue ocean.
To work in the blue ocean continuously we need to do something unusual and do it regularly and successfully.
To develop this kind of strategy we need unusual tools that can lead us to unusual creative ideas about both: (1)strategy itself  and (2) the way it will be implemented.
OTSM-TRIZ axioms and other tolls based on the Axiom of Impossibility work well for this purpose.
If our competitors do not believe that OTSM-TRIZ can help them it is our competitive advantage. Let them use traditional methods based on random trials and errors if the can afford it.

Real business can not depend on random inspiration of top management.
It need appropriate tools to keep going permanent line of temporary monopolies based on regular Innovation....

Above all.
If you have line of further innovation in advance then you will be well prepared for next jump to a new blue ocean as soon as the old one start to transform into red one.

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