Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How OTSM-TRIZ work: short introduction

If you or your people need tools for making analysis of the complex interdisciplinary problematic situations and generate satisfactory solutions and objective evaluation of the solutions then
I would recommend you OTSM-TRIZ, which is based on Classical TRIZ.

1.OTSM Network of problems/solution - to study observes and understands deeply a problematic situation. It allowed zoom in to details of the situation and zoom out to observe place of the detail in the context of the particular problematic situation. As a result we can select (by certain rules) most important – the key problems - to be solved.

2.For analyzing selected problems and step by step developing satisfactory solution can be used OTSM Contradiction Technology and other tools of OTSM-TRIZ. They have not only general recommendations but precise rules to fulfill each step. As a result they help to go even more deeply to the root of the problematic situation and eliminate them.

3. As soon as some ideas start to appear we use OTSM Network of Problems to evaluate obtained solutions in the context of our current understanding of the problematic situation.

OTSM-TRIZ is a complete system of tools for various aspects of managing complex interdisciplinary situation, - as well as not so complex situations, - in our professional and private life.
It takes time and efforts to learn these powerful tools and their theoretical background but it pay back much more and much longer period of time. It is a very practical as a result and helps to save much more time because of we obtain satisfactory solutions quicker, timely and save many our resources. It was tested at LG-Electronics, Samsung, EADS, Ford, Arvin Meritor (French branch),Puegeot-Citroen,Bosh-Siemence, Salomon, Renault, EDF and others...

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