Monday, January 18, 2010

TRIZ based software and semantic approach

I believe that Semantic approach that is used by Invention Machine Corporation is not restricted by the direct link from functional diagram to data base of solutions as some people believe. The point is that there is not data base of solutions. Computer 'read and understand' texts
 in the deep Internet. Then select appropriate ones for you according query for search for relevant information. This is a semantic part.

TRIZ part in modern IMC software belong to preliminary superficial analysis of the problematic situation and proposed some more or less typical TRIZ solution.

Then integration between TRIZ and Semantics used to create query for search trough various text storages. Tnen IMC software looking for existing solutions, described in the various texts in several languages. This is the important point! Without semantic approach it can not be done effectively, I believe.
So it is not just data base.

Semantic approach open new era on TRIZ typical solution technologies evolution. It can be used also for searching analogy between technical problems and biological or botany solution. But I am not sure if IMC is working on this point. It is idea of Professor Li Shu from University of Toronto.

IMC software up to now is not dedicated to deal with non-typical, so called creative problems, but just help find particular application for general TRIZ typical solutions in the context of the initial problematic situation. Those solution were already used some where or in other domains. It is very-very useful and can be used by TRIZ professionals as a support tool for solving non typical problems.

May be some of IMC members who read this blog can say something more about roles of TRIZ and Semantic Analysis in Gold Fire Innovator software?" Your comments are more than welcome.

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