Monday, January 4, 2010

OTSM-TRIZ software: Integration with existing popular software

Today I have posted new discussion topic at my Linkedin Group - TRIZ based Software.
This group is dedicated to discuss some functionality that OTSM-TRIZ can bring to software and how then the software can be helpful for solving problems in professional and private life.

Bellow you can find one of post that starting discussion on using OTSM-TRIZ for integration its ideas into existing powerful software. One of my friend develop for me software that helps me formalized and simplify analysis of OTSM network of problems/solution. It is very helpful for me. And I have asked myself why don't we integrate something more into one or several existing software? What prevent us from doing this? Some individuals can create their own software and start their small business. Big company can implement those ideas and increase functionality of their software for many regular users. This can bring a good competitive advantage for each of Software Giants.

Any one who are interested can contact me for further discussion or participate the group at Linkedin or put their comments right here - in my blog.
Posted at Linkedin Group - TRIZ Based Software
Until now most of TRIZ based software exist as an separate software.
However it can be developed software that is a part of existing software.
It was an experience already to Integrate Invention Machine Corporation Software to CAD software. Why don't we discuss what should be done for instance for MS Office? or Open Office? or Mind Manager? or what else you consider good for your work on your private and professional problematic situations?

For instance I have a large experience in Using MS Visio and Mind Manager for developing OTSM Network of Problems. Both of this software I like a lot but...
But some lack of needed functionality decrease effectiveness and effectiveness using them for solving problems. Adding some more functionality can sufficiently change and increase are of application and bring a new life for both Mind manager or MS Visio. I did proposal and it was accepted by Mind manager Team. Now you can export Mind Manager diagrams into MS Visio. but... still some but exist. As a result I had to switch to Visio instead of Mind manager that I love a lot. Pretty sad situation. However I miss Mind Manager functionality that is absent in Visio.

Integration OTSM based rules and functionality will enhance functionality of existing software whatever it is form Sun or from Apple or Microsoft or MindJet as well as any other whose. we can discuss here some ideas that was already well tested with Mind Manager and MS Visio. may be some one can develop additional software as add-in for some other powerful software. I am not software engineer but ready to share my ideas with any one who is interested. they can contact me privately or we can use this group to study potential customer needs.
What do you think?

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