Monday, January 11, 2010

What for OTSM-TRIZ network of problems/solutions can be good?

OTSM Network of problem is a technique for posing correct problem out of fuzzy situation.

The method somehow links to functional analysis, project management, cause effect analysis, failure mode analysis, Altshuller's schema of powerful thinking (4 dimensions system operator) and other analytical methods of OTSM-TRIZ, but not only. It allowed easy  integration with many other analytical techniques useful for practical management of complex problematic situations.
It can be used also for some project planning, strategy planning, initial stages of complex system modeling (Simple as well), UML Use cases developin,  multi-disciplinary optimization and
others when we have to pose problem correctly: starting from fuzzy initial situations and finishing by proposing set of right problems to be solved or managed.
In other words OTSM network of problems/solutions can be effectively used for situation that need domain free instruments for transition from fuzzy initial description of a problematic situation to better formalized map of the situation. Based on the map we can select and posing set of right problems to be solved, analyzed, or modeled.
Important notice:
It is domain free methodology based on OTSM-TRIZ, but professional knowledge on each relevant domain still required from experts. Same as all other OTSM based tools it devoted for knowledge processing by human or, sometimes, with appropriate computer support. However knowledge on particular domain still necessary.

Further information:

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